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CCIE DC UCS Server Pools

posted Jun 24, 2014, 8:57 AM by Rick McGee
Pools are Pools of Data
    Data Includes
        Management IP Pools
        UUID Pools
        MAC Addresses 
        WWNN/WWPN Pools
        Server Pools and Membership

Server Pools 
    Pools of Blades
        Can assign Service Profiles to a Server pool instead of individual blade
    Blades can exist in multiple pools

    Blades are assigned to Server Pool either manually or by a Pool Policy 

    Pool Policy states that if you meet a certain criteria, blades will get assigned to a particular pool
        This is determined based on:
            CPU model
                Number or Cores
                Speed and or amount
            CNA/VIC adapters
    Create Pool Policy before physically adding or discovering server blades, that way as they come 
    on-line you can manually acknowledge blades getting assigned to a a server pool and service 

Creating Server Pool Policy Creation:
    Create an empty Server Pool

    Create the Server Pool Policy Qualifications
        Memory, CPU, CNA

    Finally create your Server Pool Policy that ties both together