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CCIE DC UCS QoS and Network Control

posted Jul 16, 2014, 8:16 PM by Rick McGee
Flow control policies 

Determine whether the uplink Ethernet ports in a Cisco UCS domain send and receive IEEE 802.3x pause frames when the receive buffer for a port fills.

Network Control Policies 
 Have to trun on CDP, which is off by default and Allow MAC Security otherwise you'll have issues with vm hosts coming up through the fabric interconnects to the rest of the network.

You can now apply this Network Control Policy to the vNIC template

QoS Policies 

First look at the QoS system Class Under LAN Cloud
As you can see the Best Effort and Fibre Channel classes are already created. Also by default the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze are all off by default. 
Once you enable them they will get assigned a Weight % as you see in the above example. The Weight and Weight % apply to the ingress port from this QoS system class. You can also change the MTU that is assigned, and assigned for iSCSI traffic

Apply to the SP Template the the correct vNIC interfaces that we assigned as Mgmt. vNIC's