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CCIE DC UCS LAB Initial Fabric Interconnect Setup

posted Jun 13, 2014, 12:06 PM by Rick McGee

UUID (Universally Unique IDentirifer)
    Used for Service Profile, Blade, Licensing 
IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)
    Standard developed by Intel in 1998 to allow complete hardware control of a server with
    no or non-functioning OS

CIMC (Cisco Integrated Management Controller)
    Cisco's feature-rich application suite built on Java to allow access to the IPMI

BMC/IBMC (Integrated/ Baseboard Management Controller)
    On Each Blade and IO module

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)
    Identifies and defines how the hardware such as CPU/RAM/Video/etc is to be configured
    and bootstraps to the OS)

UEFI (Unifed Extensible Firmware Interface)
    Specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform 

UCS Topology 

Setting UP UCS 

If you had an existing configuration in a  LAB environment you could issue the command 

connect  local-mgmt
erase configuration 
    (yes/no) yes
connect local-mgmt 
erase configuration 
    (yes/no) yes

Next on FI-A it will ask 

It will apply the configuration to the FI. Once completed and configured FI-B you can use the Java interface 

FI-B Setup

Log into (VIP address)

Look first at the Chassis Discovery Policy 
    This will set the amount of links you want the IO Module in the 5108 Chassis 
    to the FI 
Choose the minimum amount of links you want to use, you can set the links
to a Port-Channel. If you choose 4 Links it will not discovery chassis fight 1 or 2 links only.

This doesn't include the Northbound links from the FI's to the rest to of the LAN.....

Rack Server Discovery Policy (C Series Discovery)

Power Policy
    Non-Redundant Will use all power supply, most power but no redundancy
    N+1 3 Power Supplies plus +1 extra 

Mac Address Table Aging 
    Never (Default in UCS 1.3)
    Mode Default: 4 Hours ( 14500 seconds) 
    Other: Specify 

Global Power Allocation Policy 

Manual Blade Level CAP

Policy Drive Chassis Group CAP

Setup SEL (Security Event Log)

Set the Chassis Discovery Policy to 4 Links and Save Changes

Nexus go to the FI tab 

Configure Unified Ports

This will popup a warning dialog box
If you change form ethernet to fiber channel it will reboot the FI. If you make changes on the GEM module it will only reboot the GEM module.

Unified Port Setup

You would move the slider bar to where you want the FC ports to start and then assign ports 1-6 as Server Ports and Ports 7-10 as Ethernet Uplink ports. 

Hit finish and the FI will then reboot (it will not warn you again that the will reboot)

You would need to do this individually on FI-A and FI-B and what for the reboot process.

If you have an older chassis with 2104's and buy a new chassis with 2204's and select pourt-channeling under the "Chassis Discovery Policy" it will not discovery the chassis with the 2104's you would have to purchase newer IO modules for the older chassis.