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posted May 21, 2014, 7:08 PM by Rick McGee

Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP)
    SCSI over FCP over TCP over IP

Same protocol stack as Fibre Channel 
    Similar IPv6 over IPv4 GRE tunnel 
    Initiators and Targets are still Native FC (or FCOE)

Used for FC SAN Extension 
    Data replication over long distances 
    Native FC is sensitive to latency and drops
    TCP already has built in congestion management, retransmission, and so on

    Extend the SAN over the DCI
    E.g. FC SAN over OTV
        SCSI over FCP over TCP over IP over Ethernet over MPLE over GRE over IP over Ethernet 

    MDS will act as a FCIP Gateway 

FCIE Gateway Configuration 
    Configure normal FC to Initiators and Targets 

    Configure IP connectivity between MDS's 

    Configure FCIP Tunnel 

    Tunnel Counts as a TE_port
       Normal FC switching design now applies 
       Zoning, FCSPF , FCNS is all going to be the same as in a Fabric locally at the same location 
FCIP Topology 
 Usually not used for reads/writes from servers, but really for SAN replication 

All FC and IP connectivity are already setup in the network. You should be able to ping MDS2 form MDS1.


conf t
feature fcip 
fcip profile 1
ip address (Tunnel Source Local Address)
interface fcip1 
use-profile 1
peer-info ipaddr (Remote Tunnel address)
no shut


conf t
feature fcip
fcip profile 1
ip address (Tunnel Source Local Address)
interface fcip1
use-profile 1
peer-info ipaddr (Tunnel Source Local Address)
no shut

show int fcip1 brief  (MDS1)
 You can see from the above output it's create a TE (trunking expansion) port between MDS1 and MDS2

show fcip summary 

show fcns database vsan 100 (N5K2)
The output shows that we can now see JBOD1 disks that is across the DCI 

Configure a Zone Zoneset 
N5K1 (because it's an end to end fabric you can configure zoning aware)
Make sure enhanced zoning is on for VSAN 100

conf t
zone mode enhanced vsan 100
zoneset VSAN100 vsan 100
zone name SERVER3
member device-alias JBOD2_PORT1_DISK1
member device-alias SERVER3
zone name SERVER2
member device-alias JBOD1_PORT0_DISK0
member device-alias SERVER2_SANB
zoneset activate name VSAN100 vsan 100
zone commit vsan 100