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CCIE DC LAB SAN Port Channels

posted May 9, 2014, 1:24 PM by Rick McGee   [ updated May 12, 2014, 5:38 PM ]
Used to aggregate the bandwidth of physical links

Ethernet PC's and SAN PC's use the same number space in Nexus 

New Member added with the link level channel-group 1 force

Port Channeling Protocol (PCP) enabled with PC link level channel mode active
    interface port-channel (MDS)
    interface san-port-channel (Nexus)
Verified with 
    show port-channel summary (MDS)
    show san-port-channel summary (Nexus)

Configuration Example 

First Check to make sure how the ports are configured
    show  int fc1/27 - 28  brief 
Both ports are up and operating as TE (trunking expansion ports) with no port channel

MDS1 is running the same, for ports FC1/1 - 2 
    show int fc1/1 - 2 brief 
Both pots in a TE and no port channel 

SAN Port-Channel Configuration 

conf t
int fc1/1 - 2
    channel-group 1 (this will bring down the links admin down)
You'll see from the "show run int fac1/1" what the configuration looks like
    The switchport rate-mode dedicated was needed when you make the port switchport mode e

This is the output from "show run int po1" 
    You'll notice this has the same configuration as fc1/1

conf t
int fc1/27 - 28
    channel-group 1  (this will bring down the links admin down)
if you look at the "show interface san-port-channel 1" remember on the N5K your sharing the port-channel with ethernet as well

On both MDS1 and N5K1 no shut the ports

 conf t
 int fc1/27 - 28
     no shut 

 conf t
 int fc1/1 - 2
     no shut 

For the port-channel summary on the MDS switches you really don't get enough information with 
a show port-channel summary need to use the show port-channel internal info interface po1

This will show you the member ports

For the Nexus you issue the command "show san-port-channel summary"
This is more like the ethernet side with U for up and P for the members in the port-channel
This right now is not running PCP you could add this with the following under the interfaces on MDS1 and N5K1

conf t
int san-port-channel 1 
    channel mode active 

Now the output should look like:
Now it' running protocol PCP