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posted Sep 26, 2013, 6:52 PM by Rick McGee
Video 30
Nexus 1000v with UCS
  • UCS is compatible with Nexus 1000v
  • Will work well together, but can work separately of each other
N1Kv is compatible with vPC-HM (host mode) if using MAC pinning
N1Kv is not compatible with allocating DYNAMIC vNIC's in Service profile
  • Dynamic vNIC's create VM-FEX
VM-FEX and N1Kv are mutually exclusive and you cannot run both at the same time
  • VM-FEX is free and is used for having Fabric Interconnects do the switching in hardware (for low latency applications). 
  • Where vNIC's are switched in software
N1Kv Installation
    VSM's install Opaque Data in VMware vCenter for it's DVS
  • This is accomplished by using SVS Connections (Server Virtualization Switch)    
VSM's and VEM's should all be on the same software version
  • One exceptions of course is during software upgrades
 Control / Management should be low latency and is more important then band width
vCenter downloads this information to ESXi for VEM's to use whenever a host is added to a N1Kv DVS 
  • All VEM's heartbeats should roughly increase at the same time
    • "show mod vem counters (heartbeats)
Always hardcode VEM to module number before you add ESXi host to N1Kv
  • Recommended is to tie VEM to a UCS chassis and blade number
  • Get UUID from ESXi host:
    • # esxcfg-info -u
    • Be sure the above command is entered in all lower case leter, else the VEM will assign ESXi host to new VEM module
VEM Port Profiles
  • ETH (uplink tied to physical hardware port)
    • FI's just seen as the physical Interface for vNIC's going to an up stream switch N5K/N7K
  • vETH (flow south to the VM's)
Most configuration done in Port Profiles
  • Configuration can be done directly on the host and will override what was inherited by port profiles
  • Any  changes to the port profile are immediately changed on the effected interfaces
System VLAN's in ETH and vETH Port Profiles
  • Used to give immediate cut-through access to the vmkernal 
    • Used for "vm management, vmotion, etc...