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posted Sep 17, 2013, 9:02 PM by Rick McGee   [ updated Sep 17, 2013, 9:02 PM ]
Finished Video 27 all about Service Profiles, setting up Service Profile templates and creating LAN, SAN, HDD actions for servers to follow. Each UCS server is a stateless entity and with that has to have a service profile associated with it for UEFI/BIOS, Scrub Actions, LAN, SAN, HDD.
You can also have Initial Templates and Updating Templates
    Initial Templates get setup once and are assigned to servers, any changes to the initial template has to be updated to each individual servers
    Updating Templates can be configured and when a change is made to the template it's updated on all the associated blades.
With either Updating or Initial you can unlink/unassociated the server
Per action for LAN, SAN, HDD, you want to configure in Expert mode.
Also a cool action is that you can have Dynamic Bonding /VM-FEX/VM Direct Path IO
Adapter FEC to Virtual
It bypasses the Hypervisor and lets the VM create vETH on the Fabric Interconnects this creates a low latency link that by passes the Hypervisor.